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Why Choose Big U

What sets Big U Graphics Apart?

3M removable/changeable Adhesive - pressure activated adhesive (changeable or removable) that allows it to be repositioned on the application surface during installation. Special channels allow trapped air to escape, which reduces air bubbles that typically occur as large format graphics are installed 3M UV protection – Long-Term Durability - unlike the others, Big U Graphics uses 3M Ultra Violet laminate, which is an addition layer of clear vinyl protection applied overtop the printed image to protect your investment with an outdoor application life of over 5 + years. Whether you want your custom graphics indoors or out. On brick, painted, textured or wallpapered surface – Big U Graphics has you covered. Big U Graphics makes sure your investment and memories won’t fade away. 3M (larger 3M logo) - vinyl’s, inks and low tack adhesives ensures you’re getting the best.